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Since our very first issue in March of 1995, Daytripping has made a lot of friends, and they’ve made the “Biggest Little Paper in Canada” what it is today with their stories, paintings, memories, photos, recipes, advice and constructive criticism. We’ve always said that it is your paper to build, and our success is a tribute to those that have taken the opportunity to make it their own. You can pick up the phone and call us, and we are delighted to answer it - you won’t have to push a button or spell someone’s name - but most of your questions can probably be answered by reading on.

Our submission information and guidelines are as follows:

DAYTRIPPING IN S.W. ONTARIO is published three times a year (Mid-April to June, July to Mid-September and Mid-September to Mid-April). Most interesting to us (and our readers) are articles about travelling and discovering "small town" Southwestern Ontario. Mention of shops that advertise with us, events and towns is preferable in this type of article because we try to promote our paying customers any way we can, but it’s not mandatory. We are also interested in seasonal, humorous, family-oriented, and old-fashioned stories.

WELCOME TO THE CLUB is published four times a year (January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December). It appeals to a demographic that is 55+and here as well we are mostly interested in humorous, family-oriented, and old-fashioned stories as well as pieces that promote our communities. Favourable mention of shops, especially those that advertise with us, is certainly welcome.

With both publications we try to stay away from anything that is overly political or religious. Poetry is accepted but only published occasionally.

The easiest length for us to work with is about 500-600 words, but that is flexible. We pay $25 or $50, depending on length, the first time they run in one of our magazines. If we like an article but don't use it right away, we keep it in our "library" and usually make use of it within a year or two, sometimes longer. We don’t generally let people know if we’ll be using an item, but feel free to ask. You can submit as many articles as you like at any time. Although we rarely promise that an article will run in a specific issue you can request this, but well in advance please.

Important to note: We also ask for an author's permission to reprint articles in future publications and donate $25 to the charity of our choice for doing so. Our reason for asking is to keep our contributors words alive after they’ve passed on. For the same reason we consider articles submitted to be eligible for all of our publications, present and future, though you may have sent them to only one. Please inform us if you wish to have an article eligible only for a specific publication. We do not take ownership over your articles, so you are welcome to have them published elsewhere and you can rescind permission for us to publish or re-publish them at any time. If we plan to print one or more original articles by you, we will notify you and send a separate form that asks for your permission to also print them in other publications we publish. We may find an article to be more suitable for a different magazine from the one you sent it to, or for more than one publication.

We prefer to receive articles and accompanying photos by e-mail, but sending by mail is acceptable. When submitting articles, please always include your full name, address, email and phone number. If e-mailing, we prefer articles to be included in the body of the e-mail or attached as a Word file and to have a clear space between paragraphs. If you are sending multiple items and/or plan to send more items in the future, please try to keep track of what you’ve sent. We do keep track ourselves but it’s helpful if we don’t receive duplicates.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. We look forward to reading your work.


Then there’s our ongoing Photo Contest, where people submit photos that in some way contain a cover of Daytripping. The paper has been photographed on mountaintops and on the ocean floor, with a Prime Minister and many newlyweds. Each photo we print wins $25 for the charity of your choice and is entered into the annual contest where you can win great prizes. If you don’t have an actual copy of the paper (since this is a website!) we’ll accept a printed copy of our homepage as well.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.  We look forward to all your submissions.

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2684 Lakeshore Rd.
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Brights Grove, ON N0N 1C0
1-800-667-0337 (Toll-Free)
519-491-1676 (Local)
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